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Hi, I'm Paul

I lead Action & Intent Business Solutions.

We're a community of Australia's leading disability-service businesses. Our programs, tools, systems & collaborations are the machine that's driving growth in the industry.

In you're starting from zero or even doing 6-7 figures and are looking to grow annually while remaining person-centered, our programs are for you.

The Profitable Provider Sequence





When you know how to ATTRACT the right referrals; help them through the CONVERSION sequence, then have a service and DELIVERY model that keeps clients engaged - The growth plan is simplified. You, your staff and your clients are happy and on your way to SCALE the business you dream of. Our industry-specific tools are designed to help you with each of these 4 primary strategies.

Coaching Programs and Mastermind Groups

Momemtum tribe

The system is setup for start-up providers with the goal of 1 clear promise; momentum in creating clients, building systems and setting solid foundations.

For providers from $0-$750k/yrp

the profitable provider

Our flagship program for providers already in the high 6 to 7 figures looking forward to helping people on scale and providing industry-leading service that sets them apart.

For providers already around $1mil - $5mil/yr and growing.

the ndis boardroom

A mastermind for 7 and 8-figuer providers, services & consultatns. This is for those who have the vision to see the industry grow in a value-based direction and have the skill, passion and will to be the driving force behind that.

I Love Results

Hi, I''m Paul

I've been coaching businesses since 2012. My passion has been small businesses, starting my own in 2005 and then helping others grow since 2012. It's all about the process for me.

I started working with disability service providers in early 2020. Watching them grow from 0 to 7 figures in the space of a year was exhilarating. The process of taking those business from $1million revenue to $10 mil and beyond was the next step.

So I built the Profitable Provider. Coaching, training and consulting take your now heights and help more people.

If this sounds like you. I hope we can meet, and chat and I can help you on that journey too.

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