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Built for Significance

September 28, 20232 min read

I want to talk to you about being built for significance.

So having a significant business is not about having the biggest or the best business. It's about having a business that is significant to the people that you're working with.

Significance means how long will this matter. Is this a short term thing or is this something that no matter what happens I'm investing time effort and money into creating something that's going to change someone's life.

Does your business change someone's life?

Are you getting people the results that they need?

I'm walking down the path right now holding a camera in front of me while people look at me funny on the side of the road. You don't have to do this.

I find it funny.

But for me, being able to create something that's going to help somebody really understand where they need to go, what they need to do, what the next steps are, is going to help someone get the result that they need. What do you need to do that's maybe outside of your comfort zone to help your ideal get the result they need.

How could you change someone's life?

Now it's one thing to say, well, you know, I offer support, I get people out in the community, or I'm helping with the nursing requirements. But how specifically are you changing their lives? So there's a lot of people that do community nursing or in-home nursing.

What's different about you?
Are you doing something that is very specific to a particular type of person?
Are you helping them with a very specific result?

Because if you say you treat them like family, so does everybody else. That's what they say anyway.

So how do you differentiate yourself?
What is significant about your business?
Figure what is significant about your business?

Figure that out, let me know.

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Paul Bryan

Inspiring and Equipping Service Providers to Be Better, Do Better and Live Better.

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