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Systems Are Your Saviour

September 27, 20232 min read

I'm here along the beautiful Swan River in Fremantle thinking about systems.

Why am I thinking about systems?

Systems are your saviour in business.

I'm talking to a lot of people who get a first couple of clients and you provide support and it's fantastic, but then there's a lot of stuff that happens once you have a few clients and maybe a few staff.

You're not just providing support.

Now you've got to look after rosters, and you've got to get your billing done on time, and you've got to be compliant, and maybe you're getting registered.

So there's so much happening.

What do your systems look like to make this happen? This as, you know, I have to put all this software in place or, you know, I have to just stop doing everything I'm doing so I can focus on these things. What you end up with is this in your business, you know, your time goes nuts and then you've got nothing and your time goes nuts.

Your systems are going to save you so much time, so much effort, brain space, okay?

I want you to think about if I have a process that I go through that is not just a thought process, every time something comes along, one of them we call a non-negotiable.

Do I want to do this?
Does it pre-fill certain criteria?
I've already decided that I want to do my business.
Is it taking me in the direction I want to go or is it taking me away from the direction I want to go?

A simple system that helps you head in the direction that you actually want to go. Then you actually start to look at software. I know businesses that have SO, 60 clients and have a very small administration team because they let their software do the heavy lifting, a lot of the extra work which is going to make your business so much more effective and take away that top heavy section, which means you're costing a lot of extra money, trying to find the right people. This software could actually make life so much easie fo you.

So, simple mental systems arrer going to keep you on a track and simple software systems are going to make sure that you're not over committing in areas and you can automate a lot of the parts of the business.

Keep your systems in play, make it really simple.

They will save you so much time, effort and money in business.

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Paul Bryan

Inspiring and Equipping Service Providers to Be Better, Do Better and Live Better.

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