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The Movie Star Business Owner

October 31, 20222 min read

So there's a thing that we do in our profitable provider program which is all about helping you become the Movie Star busmess owner. And I don't mean like that rolling down the red carpet and maybe thinking you're better than everybody else or anything like that.

Movie stars, when they're at their height, they just seem to be everywhere and people give them roles. They walk into restaurants, people throw stuff at them and you just tend to see them beginning to be everywhere.

Let's think about Robert Downey Jr. became Iron Man, sort of breakout role, and then just started getting offered so many different roles and then he was just everywhere.

So one of the things that happens when you think like a movie star business owner is how can I be everywhere? When you are broadcasting yourself, when you're broadcasting your business, and I don't mean that you have to literally be on TV or in a movie or anything like that. But when you are at the events, when you are walking around actually shaking hands and kissing babies, when you are going out and helping people, when you are visible everywhere, people are drawn to you.

I want you to think about gravity. The bigger the mass, the higher the gravity. Earth has enough gravity to hold the moon, the sun has enough gravity to hold the earth, and the bigger the mass, the more the gravity. The bigger your presence, the bigger people see you, the more they're drawn to you.

And what happens then is that you become this hub for people to want to be able to connect with. So I want you to think about, how can I be the movie star business owner? Not only are you going to attract other businesses wanting to that to you and network and connect, but then participants start learning about you. The ideal client that you want to work with starts seeing you everywhere and there's a bit of hype that starts to happen.

So think about it.

How can I be out there showing people why we're different, how we're different?

Because this sitting behind a keyboard, posting on Facebook is not going to get you where you want to go. Be a movie star, get out there, show people what makes you different and why they should be a movie start, get out there, show people what makes you different and why they should trust you.

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Paul Bryan

Inspiring and Equipping Service Providers to Be Better, Do Better and Live Better.

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